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Work in Progress Solution using RFID

September 1, 2021

Overview: One of the leading manufacturing companies that produces specialty fibers in the USA required the ability to track and weigh their products without any user intervention.

Problem: The customer needs to know the location of the product at each phase of the manufacturing process. Further, the customer needs to know how much a product weighs in two different areas of the facility. Finally, the tracking of products and materials needs to occur with limited staff intervention to limit the employees exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Solution & Technology Used: Utilizing RFRain’s proprietary filtering and singularization algorithms the customer is able to automatically detect the location and weight of the product throughout the manufacturing process. RFR-RAIN-4-SMART reader has built-in filtering and singularization algorithms. In addition, the preinstalled software on the reader allows the user to seamlessly detect the movement of assets across the manufacturing process in real-time without needing to do any additional software development.

Outcome: The customer interfaced with each reader using REST API to get the item number, location, date/time, and store the reader information into SAP. RFRain was able to implement this solution in less than 2 weeks, at a cost 10x less than a typical implementation due to our mostly plug and play solution.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, RFRain integrates software solutions with an innovative hardware platform to provide its customers the ability to monitor and track assets in real time. RFRain suite of products and solutions are currently available on www.shop.rfrain.com, by contacting RFRain directly at 1-833-273-7246 or by e-mail at sales@rfrain.com. For more information, visit our website at www.rfrain.com.

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