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According to the School Safety Advocacy Council (SSAC), schools need to be better prepared to face emergencies. One of the main concerns of school administrators is knowing the name and the location of the students that are getting on and off a school bus each and every day. In addition, some school administrators have expressed a desire to be able to monitor students entering and exiting a classroom or any area of the school premises.

With RFRain technology, we offer the perfect solution, which allows schools to monitor their students in real time with added ease of e-mail and text notifications. Enhance the safety of students and staff using our advanced monitoring solution from RFRain.


Track students the moment they go to and from school on the schoolbus and around school perimeters. Receive real-time alerts when a student is not present.


Automate time and attendance data of staff and students by leveraging the existing RFRain solution. Eliminate the need for manual attendance taking.


Scalable solution: leverage your existing RFRain solution to track digital equipment, sports equipment, library materials etc. Prevent theft and track when items are leaving areas they are not supposed to.

RFRAIN Zone Manager Software

  • Remotely track attendance

    Quickly and conveniently read the data gathered from your Smart Reader from a web browser. Easily keep track of total daily attendance.

  • Alarms & alerts

    Send real-time email and text notifications to parents or administrators so
    they can see when their child has left with the bus and arrived at school.
    The Zone Manager™ software notifies officers with real-time text or email
    notifications with all the necessary information to track students during a
    time of crisis.

  • Zone Manager Enterprise™

    The Zone Manager Enterprise Cloud-based software aggregates the data from all the Smart Readers from multiple locations into one centralized management platform. This provides the entire management an accurate view of student and equipment status.

  • School Attendance System integration

    The zone Manager seamlessly integrates with a School Attendance
    System through REST APIs.

RFRAIN Tracking Hardware


This high performance fixed RFID reader is optimized for fast and accurate reading of tagged items or students. Perfectly suited for doorway applications.

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The Advanced Reader has mobile capabilities and remote access control which makes it perfectly suited for schoolbus applications.

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RFRain offers a wide selection of antennas that are optimized to work with our Smart Readers.

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