Optimize Inventory Management


Increase visibility across the manufacturing process. Businesses can automate asset and inventory management to reduce errors and increase operational efficiency.

RFRain’s RFID solutions for real-time item tracking bring unparalleled levels of accuracy, efficiency, and business intelligence to companies. These benefits can result in immediate and significant cost savings. Whether managing risk, improving performance, increasing quality, minimizing losses, or increasing visibility for decision making. RFRain, cost-effective, scalable solution minimize and maximize efficiency.

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The RFRain RFID tracking solution
ensures end-to-end product
visibility in the production line.


Easily track goods in the
warehouse with RFRain Smart
Forklift solution for storage
allocation and quick retrieval.


Fleet tracking. Track cargo in
that is coming in and out of
trucks and the ability to track
your cargo and fleet en route in

RFRAIN Zone Manager Software

  • Remotely track goods

    Quickly and conveniently read the data gathered from RFRain Smart Readers from a web browser.

  • Alarms & alerts

    Receive real-time email and text notifications to see when bottlenecks arise in the production process.

  • Zone Manager Enterprise™

    The Zone Manager Enterprise Cloud-based software aggregates the data from all the Smart Readers from multiple locations into one centralized management platform. This provides managers an accurate view of asset status.

  • ERP and IMS integration

    The zone Manager seamlessly integrates with an ERP and IMS systems through REST APIs.

RFRAIN Tracking Hardware


This high performance fixed RFID reader is optimized for fast and accurate reading of tagged items. Perfectly suited for applications such as loading dock doors.

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The Advanced Reader has mobile capabilities and remote access control which makes it perfectly suited for forklift and truck applications.

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The Smart Handheld is a high-performance mobile reader that is optimized for fast and accurate inventory management anywhere in the facility and outdoors.

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RFRain offers a wide
selection of antennas that
are optimized to work
with our readers and
able to withstand rugged

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