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Today customers are demanding better experiences. Hospitality, entertainment, casino’s need to stay competitive with service, and keep up with inventory management to keep the bottom line. Enhance customer service with automated self-service kiosks, towel dispensers, vending-machines, refrigerators, etc.

With RFRain technology, we offer different solutions that enable hospitality sectors to monitor their assets in real time with added ease of e-mail and text notifications. Improve the bottom line and increase customer satisfaction using the advanced monitoring solution from RFRain.


RFID-based laundry management system aids in the upkeep of hotel laundry assets. Reduce the amount of labor required for tracking inventory and lost items and ensure that clean laundry items or safety stock are always available.

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Whether in lobbys of hotels, casino's, pop-up stores, kiosk at events, or towel dispansers at gyms or poolside, the RFRain Smart self-service kiosks enhance customer experience with 24/7 service and allow managers to keep track of inventory and popular items.


With the number amount of staff servicing at hospitality sectors with different time slots, automated time attendance will enhance keeping track of employee logs for back-of-house services.

RFRAIN Zone Manager Software

  • Remotely track assets

    Quickly and conveniently read the data gathered from RFRain Smart readers from a web browser.

  • Alarms & alerts

    Receive real-time email and text notifications when assets are missing.

  • Zone Manager Enterprise™

    The Zone Manager Enterprise Cloud-based software aggregates the data from all the Smart Readers from multiple locations into one centralized management platform. This provides the entire management an accurate
    view of personnel and asset status.

  • Inventory Management System integration

    The zone Manager seamlessly integrates with an Inventory
    Management System through REST APIs.

RFRAIN Tracking Hardware


This high performance fixed RFID reader is optimized for fast and accurate reading of tagged items. Perfectly suited for doorway applications.

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The Advanced Reader has mobile capabilities and remote access control which makes it perfectly suited for Smart Cabinet applications.

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The Smart Handheld is a high-performance mobile reader that is optimized for fast and accurate inventory management anywhere in the facility.

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RFRain offers a wide
selection of antennas that
are optimized to work with
our readers.

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