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The healthcare industry is quickly adopting RFID as an industry-standard in asset tracking and security. RFRain’s RFID solutions can save money by reducing the risk of misplaced or miscounted assets and ensuring accurate billing. Upholding standards set by the FDA and OSHA, RFRain has created solutions such as Smart Cabinets, RFID enabled EMT Kits, Smart Health Kits that create a safe and healthy environment for both patients and employees.

With RFRain technology, we offer the perfect solution, which allows Healthcare sectors to monitor their assets in real time with added ease of e-mail and text notifications. Improve the bottom line and increase patient satisfaction using our advanced monitoring solution from RFRain.


The RFRain solution ensures visibility of patients and employees by tracking their whereabouts and monitoring their presence in real-time.


Track medical equipment, surgical tools, etc. for quick retrieval.

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The RFRain Smart Cabinet provides hospitals accurate, real-time inventory management to effectively automate and optimize management of high-value medical supplies.

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RFRAIN Zone Manager Software

  • Remotely track patients and medical supplies

    Quickly and conveniently read the data gathered from RFRain Smart readers from a web browser. Determine location of medical staff or wandering patients.

  • Alarms & alerts

    Receive real-time email and text notifications when patients are roaming around. The Zone Manager™ software notifies staff with real-time text or email notifications when inventory runs low or expires.

  • Zone Manager Enterprise™

    The Zone Manager Enterprise Cloud-based software aggregates the data from all the Smart Readers from multiple locations into one centralized management platform. This provides the entire management an accurate view of patient, medical equipment and supply status.

  • Hospital Management System integration

    The zone Manager seamlessly integrates with a Hospital
    Management system through REST APIs.

RFRAIN Tracking Hardware


This high performance fixed RFID reader is optimized for fast and accurate reading of tagged items. Perfectly suited for doorway applications.

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The Advanced Reader has mobile capabilities and remote access control which makes it perfectly suited for Smart Cabinet or health kit applications.

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The Smart Handheld is a high-performance mobile reader that is optimized for fast and accurate inventory management anywhere in the medical facility.

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RFRain offers a wide
selection of antennas that
are optimized to work with
our readers.

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