Healthcare & Medical​

Improve Productivity, Safety, and Security​


An RFRain solution can help companies meet the standard in safety, compliance, and logistical demands for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.​​

Adoption of RFID has progressed in the Pharmaceutical industry over the past 10 years with more companies successfully testing RFID use to trace drug supply and aid in defeating counterfeiting of drugs. A study by Cardinal Health indicates “78 percent are manually counting inventory in some parts of their supply chain and only 17 percent have implemented an automated technology system to track products and inventory in real time.” Distributors, such as Cardinal Health and Medline, have adopted RFID into their systems and Amazon has committed to same day delivery for prescriptions. Further prompting the use of RFID, The Drug Supply Chain Security Act passed in 2013 has a targeted enforcement of 2023 (Medical Device mandate is already in place). The FDA, customers, manufacturers are working towards full compliance with the Act. If a company sells pharmaceuticals, the company will need to be RFID ready. The Food and Drug Administration tested the use of RFID for many years before identifying RFID as a tracking solution for the pharmaceutical industry. With the advent of the regulations, the industry will awaken to the benefits of real-time traceability and real-time inventory tracking management As regulatory agencies across the globe continue to increase compliance requirements, customer demands will grow driving innovation for RFID.

The Key Application Benefits:

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

RFRain helps optimize, track & improve equipment usage and quickly locate & identify personnel and patients resulting in labor savings, improved patient experience, a safer environment and lower costs.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

RFRain helps pharmaceutical companies safely and securely track critical medicines from manufacturer to end-customer per the latest government mandate.

Order Tracking & Fulfillment

RFRain can track finished goods as well as the parts that make up each order. By interfacing to the original ordering system, RFRain can also confirm order accuracy.

An RFRain Solution Benefits:

Supply Chain

RFRain solution offers a unique capability of tracking drugs from the manufacturer to the final delivery point.

Safety & Regulatory

Assurance of drug quality is a must in ensuring the products are not tampered with or compromised prior to reaching the patient and compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.

Healthcare Facilities

Tracking people, equipment, and pharmaceutical products, RFRain offers incredible automation and data management opportunities.


RFRain solution provides data metric points that confirm no drug tampering and assure authenticity of products.


RFRain developed the first to market, plug and play end-to-end system of hardware and software that collects data received from RFID tags or sensors and manages the analytics within the cloud.


Voted Top 10 Asset Management Solution 2018 by CIO Magazine