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RFRain introduces RFR-RAIN-4-SMART at RFID Journal LIVE! 2019

April 10, 2019

RFID Journal LIVE! has the world’s largest exhibition of RFID products and services. More than 200 companies from 26 countries exhibited at the 2019 event. We were one of the exhibitors at the show.
We introduced the launch of RFR-RAIN-4-SMART, world’s first plug-and-play smart reader at booth #913. The RFRain Smart Reader supports up to four monostatic antennas, which covers a tag read distance that is over 80 feet with 9 dBiL antenna. It supports the tag reading speed for moving objects at 100 mph. Access and control the reader from any browser using the built-in UI. Our booth featured two demo stations, the doorway system and the smart cabinet. Both applications/solutions display the complete RFRain system using our new smart reader. The doorway system equipped with two antennas attached to a smart reader shows the tracking of assets passing through the system. Our engineers wore UHF passive tag embedded wristbands that would track the directional movement when entering or exiting the doorway system. Data was available in real-time on the Zone Manager software. The Smart Cabinet system is equipped with antennas on each shelf. When an item is removed from the shelf. The reader would process the data and report the item as missing on the Zone Manager software. Our engineers demonstrated to attendees how to identify and track items on the Zone Manager and the notification feature that sends alerts through text message or email when an item becomes missing. Thank you to all the visitors and organizers who came to our booth. We were thrilled to share our newest technology with clients and with the positive reception we received from attendees.

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