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RFID Tracking on a Mobile Unit

September 13, 2021

Overview: One of largest companies that designs, develops and manufactures clothing, apparel, equipment and accessories needed to implement RFID tracking on a mobile unit.

Problem: The customer needs to know the location of the product in their warehouse. Further, the customer needs to know when a product has moved locations or left the location in real-time with limited staff intervention. Previously the customer attempted to build the RFID tracking mobile unit utilizing multiple components such as a reader, GPS, battery pack, Wi-Fi router, access point router, and single point computer to control the reader.

Solution & Technology Used: Utilizing RFRain’s RFR-RAIN-4-SMART-ADV the customer was able to set up a mobile tracking unit without all of the extra components normally required. The RFR-RAIN-4-SMART-ADV comes with built in GPS, battery pack, Wi-Fi router, access point router, and single point computer allowing for easier handling of the mobile unit. In addition, the RFR-RAIN-4-SMART-ADV reads thousands of items a second vs a handheld reader to save time and effort. Finally, the preinstalled software on the reader allows the user to seamlessly detect the movement of assets across the warehouse in real-time without needing to do any additional software development.

Outcome: Since learning about RFRain and connecting with us the customer was able to accomplish their goal at a fraction of the cost in a way that has never been done before.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, RFRain integrates software solutions with an innovative hardware platform to provide its customers the ability to monitor and track assets in real time. RFRain suite of products and solutions are currently available on www.shop.rfrain.com, by contacting RFRain directly at 1-833-273-7246 or by e-mail at sales@rfrain.com. For more information, visit our website at www.rfrain.com.

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