Zone Manager Asset Management

RFID software that saves time and money
on development


Feature Highlights

  • Included with the RFRain Readers
  • Manage your inventory remotely in real-time, 24/7.
  • Receive alerts, text messages and email notifications
  • Generate real-time reports
  • Scalable solution
  • Works with the Zone Manager Enterprise Cloud

RWS Asset Management
Cloud Services

The RFRain Web Services (RWS) is a user-centric software application that makes it really easy to monitor and organize your assets and data in the cloud or on-premise. The RWS provides the location of your assets in real-time. In addition,  the RWS allows you to store, search, receive and send alerts, and add custom information for each asset. In many instances, the RWS communicates seamlessly with any ERP, and a WMS running in AWS or Azure using JSON Post alert push notifications. Finally, the RWS can be used as a standalone application for companies, that have limited IT resources.

Map View

The RWS software helps you monitor and track the location of your
assets in real time using GPS and UHF RFID.

Asset Profile

Upload documents, images, video and PDF files to the tag profile for easy asset identification.


Email & Text Alerts

Receive custom alerts to notify important events associated with tagged items.

Upload your data directly in the Cloud

Advanced custom entries, new tables and cloud support.

Real-time Asset Tracking

Track the movement of your tags in real-time.


Pinpoint the exact wherabouts of your assets with GPS coordinates in Map View.

Asset Profile

Upload images, video, and PDF files to the asset profile for easy tag identifaction.

Customized Reports

Export robust reports of tag movement history.

Automatic Asset Count

Count the number of times your asset appears in a specific location.

Automatic Asset Association

Associate your assets by tag number, SKU number and any other custom data information.

Zone Manager Enterprise Cloud

Scalable Smart Reader Platform that streams data from anywhere and on
any device. The Zone Manager Asset Management uses the data from the
Zone Manager Enterprise to provide custom reports and manage data from
anywhere with an internet access.


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