Zone Manager

RFID software that saves time and money
on development


Feature Highlights

  • Included with the Smart Readers
  • Manage your inventory remotely in real-time, 24/7
  • Receive alerts, text messages and email notifications
  • Scalable solution
  • Access your data from anywhere and from any device

RFRain Zone Manager Software

Patented Asset & Inventory management software platform

At the core of the RFRain Smart Reader is the patented software that powers it. With the Zone Manager the possibilities are endless. The RFRain Zone Manager offers simple, scalable and secure software to fully control the RFRain solution using a single browser from small stand-alone systems to fully integrated solutions.

Embedded Software

We are the first in the market with Smart Readers. Our Smart Reader platform saves system integrators time and money spent on development. The Zone Manager Software comes embedded with the Smart Reader and enables full interoperability of each Smart Reader that provides a complete set of features to help you monitor and track you assets.


Email & Text Alerts

Receive custom alerts to notify important events associated with tagged items.

Advanced Database Support

Advanced custom entries, new tables and cloud support.

Camera Integration

Motion sensor camera captures movement and associates events with tagged assets.


Pinpoint the exact wherabouts of your assets with GPS coordinates.

Access Control

Remote access control through the RFR-ZM app that enhances Item traceability with security and user authorization

Fast Track

RFRain Fast track software capable of reading moving assets at speeds of 100 mph

We simplified the solution for you with our easy to use software that streams the data directly to the cloud. No RFID development required.

The RFR-ZM-ENT Zone Manager Enterprise software provides full reporting capabilities and data portability, and seamlessly integrates with enterprise management systems using Rest API. 

Scalable platform

Zone Manager Enterprise

Web-based cloud version of the Zone Manager

Scalable Smart Reader Platform. Data from anywhere and on any device. Simply add Smart Readers to your system with the Zone Manager Enterprise, you can access the data from all your readers form multi-location organizations. Grow your RFID solution over time.

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RFRain Zone Manager Mobile Software

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RFRain Zone Manager Asset Management Software

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RFRain Zone Manager Enterprise Cloud

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