RFRain Server

When data needs to be stored on-premise instead of
the Cloud

RFRain Server

For Enterprise-scale deployment of RFID technology:

The Dell PowerEdge T340 Server comes pre-configured with the RFRain Zone Manager Enterprise software for centralized on-premise management of unlimited RFRain Reader data. Plug-and-Play, out-of-the-box connectivity to a scale of RFRain RFID readers. The PowerEdge Server’s high performance help tailor the RFID solution to particular business requirements where data needs to be stored on-premise instead of the Cloud.

High-performance RFID Server

Operate reliably with up to 8 hot-plug HDD’s or SSD’s and redundant power supplies.

Zone Manager Enterpriseā„¢ Software Built-in UI. No programming required.

The PowerEdge servers are pre-configured with the Zone Manager Enterprise software and provide you with real-time data access to your asset information and location. The RFR-ZM-ENT Zone Manager Enterprise software provides full reporting capabilities and data portability, and integrates seamlessly with enterprise management systems using Rest API.

  • Manage inventory in real time 24/7.
  • Create employee logins.
  • Receive alerts, text messages and email notifications
  • Control and configure every reader
  • Easy access to the data from multiple readers
  • Control the reader using the extended RFRain REST API