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The RFRain Handheld Inventory Management Solution (RFR-IMS-HANDHELD) includes everything you need to start monitoring your inventory right out of the box.

The RFRain RFR-RAIN-1-HANDHELD reader is a high-performance mobile reader optimized for fast and accurate inventory management. Unlike any other handheld readers on the market, the RFRain Handheld comes with Zone Manager Mobile software pre-installed. Quickly and efficiently scan thousands of tags at once based on your location and store the data automatically on the reader or in the Zone Manager Enterprise Cloud through WIFI. Further, use the Zone Manager Asset Management Cloud Software to manage your data, and generate reports.

Components include:


True plug and play. Start reading your tags automatically using the Zone Manager Mobile software on the Handheld Reader

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The Zone Manager Mobile Software comes embedded with the RFR-RAIN-1-HANDHELD Reader.

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10 RAIN Tags

Sample pack of tags that work perfectly with the RFRain system on a variety surfaces

Zone Manager Asset Management

6-month free software included. Manage and generate reports of all your assets from anywhere using the Zone Manager Asset Management cloud software.

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Zone Manager Enterprise Cloud

6-month free cloud included. Monitor and fully control the entire system from anywhere using the RFR-ZM-ENT cloud software.

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Fast and accurate inventory management on the retail floor. Quickly and efficiently scan thousands of tags at once based on your location with the RFR-ZM-MOBILE Software

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The RFRain handheld reader automates and streamlines inventory management, increasing asset visibility and faster processing while reducing labor costs.

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Efficient tracking of materials in medical labs.

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RFID asset management solution

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RFID asset management solution with camera and built-in battery

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RFID-enabled access control Solution

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