RFRain Smart Kit

Save time and money on development.


The RFRain Access Control Solution (RFR-ACCESS-CONTROL)
includes everything you need to start controlling access to door
entry ways.

The RFRain RFR-RAIN-4-SMART-ADV reader is a high-performance
reader with GPIO optimized for RFID-enabled access control.
Unlike any other readers on the market the RFRain Advanced
Reader comes with the Zone Manager software pre-installed. Allow
access to personnel with wearable RFID tags that are detected by
the antennas. The door automatically grants access to identified
RFID tags. The Access Control solution allows you to grant or deny
access to each and every doorway in the facility from a single
dashboard running on-premise or in the Zone Manager Enterprise
cloud. An added benefit of the access control solution is that RFID
tagged assets can be tracked as well.

Components include:


True plug and play. Immediately start using with the Zone Manager software on the Advanced Reader

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Zone Manager

The Zone Manager comes embedded with the RFR-RAIN-4- SMART-ADV Reader

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2 Antennas

The RFR-ANT-0101 delivers the necessary power and read range for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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10 RAIN Tags

Sample pack of wearable RAIN RFID tags that work perfectly with the RFRain system.

Zone Manager Enterprise Cloud

6-month free cloud included. Monitor and fully control the entire system from anywhere using the Zone Manager Enterprise cloud software.

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Access Control Hardware

Access Control Hardware include a power supply control and an electromagnetic lock.


  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Private Offices
  • Government Buildings
  • and more



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