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Asset Monitoring with RFID

December 22, 2021   |   Publication

One of the largest healthcare companies, that manages and runs many hospitals in the USA, needed to track toxic assets and material that may be leaving their hospital inadvertently without the knowledge of the staff.

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Work in Progress for Material Handling Using RFID

November 4, 2021   |   Publication

One of the largest manufacturers of raw materials in the U.S. reached out to RFRain in order to track the production of polymer throughout their facility

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Loss Prevention with RFID

October 7, 2021   |   Publication

One of the largest healthcare companies that manages and runs many hospitals in the USA needed to track their assets that are leaving the facility without being properly accounted for ie. Loss via linen carts, trash cans, etc.

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RFID Tracking on a Mobile Unit

September 13, 2021   |   Publication

One of largest companies that designs, develops and manufactures clothing, apparel, equipment and accessories needed to implement RFID tracking on a mobile unit.

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Work in Progress Solution using RFID

September 1, 2021   |   Publication

One of the leading manufacturing companies that produces specialty fibers in the USA required the ability to track and weigh their products without any user intervention.

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Access Control Implementation using RFID

August 18, 2021   |   Publication

One of the largest Canadian companies that produces mobility technology for automakers uses RFRain’s UHF access control abilities across their campus in Illinois, USA.

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RFRain Web Services is featured in RFID Journal

October 22, 2020   |   Publication

RFRain Web Services is published in RFID Journal, the world's leading source of RFID news and insights.

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RFRAIN® Goes Mobile: Introducing the next-gen Plug-And-Play RFID Handheld Reader

October 21, 2020   |   Press Release

Sarasota, FL, October 20, 2020 – RFRain LLC, an innovator in developing and manufacturing complete RAIN RFID hardware and software solutions, announces the release its next-gen Smart Handheld Reader, the RFR-RAIN-1-HANDHELD.

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RFRAIN exhibits at the RFID Journal Virtually LIVE! 2020

October 7, 2020   |   Event

RFRAIN took part in the first virtual event of RFID Journal LIVE! on September 30 - October 1, 2020. RFID Journal LIVE! is the world's largest conference and exhibition focused on radio frequency identification and related technologies.

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RFRain announces grant of second US patent for its proprietary system and method for detecting communication tags

February 2, 2021   |   Press Release

RFRain LLC continues to expand its patent portfolio with its latest product release, the RFR-RAIN-4-SMART-ADV. The company was awarded US method patent US10664672B2 that covers several unique key features of the device. This is the second patent awarded to RFRain, which has now two method patents pertaining to it Smart Reader communication stack.

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