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Access Control Implementation using RFID

August 18, 2021

Overview: One of the largest Canadian companies that produces mobility technology for automakers uses RFRain’s UHF access control abilities across their campus in Illinois, USA.

Problem: Current employee name badges have built-in UHF RFID tags due to other purposes specific to the employees and the organization’s business operations. The organization would like the employees to use their current name badges to access their various facilities on their Illinois campus, but typically access control is not able to be conducted using UHF RFID due to UHF’s singularity issue and inability to be a “real-time technology.”

Solution & Technology Used: The RFRain RFR-RAIN-4-SMART-ADVANCED has built-in access control features and gives the user the ability to read tags from as little as 1 foot away in real-time. Allowing seamless access for employees into the facilities without the employees needing to swipe their cards.

Outcome: With the RFRain RFR-RAIN-4-SMART-ADVANCED built-in software and ability to communicate with the cloud directly from the Smart Reader, without the need of any additional software or hardware – the customer only needed to purchase 1 RFR-RAIN-4- SMART-ADVANCED and 1 UHF RFID Antenna per doorway. Allowing them to be drastically below their anticipated spending.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, RFRain integrates software solutions with an innovative hardware platform to provide its customers the ability to monitor and track assets in real time. RFRain suite of products and solutions are currently available on www.shop.rfrain.com, by contacting RFRain directly at 1-833-273-7246 or by e-mail at sales@rfrain.com. For more information, visit our website at www.rfrain.com.

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