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RFRain Provides Enhanced Visibility Through RFID Tracking Technology for retail Supply Chains

April 21, 2019

RFID tracking technology seems to have become the answer to retailers looking for new ways to optimize their operations and enhance inventory. In the past, retailers have depended on Radio Frequency EAS labels as a source of tracking. RFID tracking technology provides real-time visibility from the manufacturing stages all the way through the supply chain to in-store, up to the purchase and through to the exit of the store.

Each item of the retailer’s supply chain can be identified through unique attributes such as color, size, style, weight, height, length, and so on. This visibility for retailers increases the availability on their shelves, reduces out-of-stocks, and drives more sales all around. Theft is also significantly reduced with RFID tracking technology and allowing the stolen item to be restored.

RFRain offers revolutionary RFID tracking technology that will notify you when packaged goods or pharmaceuticals are about to expire. This improvement in inventory management alone can save you significant amounts of money on waste and in turn, you’re enhancing your service to the consumer.

RFID tracking technology enhances every aspect of the supply chain benefitting the manufacturers, the buyers, and the consumers. RFRain helps supply chain management by providing a steady supply flow, managing any risks involved such as loss and damage, and product quality control. With RFRain’s wireless RFID tracking technology, the supply chain management enhances tracking with very little human intervention and no human error. Asset management is significantly improved, and productivity is heightened throughout the entire supply chain process.

Some of the most critical areas that could benefit for optimal operation in the supply chain are the risk of supply disruption management, response to disruption if any, and the decision-making for corrective actions. RFID tracking technology offers real-time solutions and data to enhance the overall supply chain management from manufacturing to packaging to shipment to distribution and retail.

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