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How RFID Tracking Technology can Improve Healthcare Operations

April 21, 2019

The origin of RFID was explored to identify allied airplanes in the 1940’s. The RFID tracking technology has rapidly evolved and today serves in many areas and industries including healthcare. Thousands of people die each year in hospitals from medical errors that could’ve been prevented. RFID tracking technology provides a wireless method of tracking multiple items at once including liquids and temperatures and produces real-time data that can be used to avoid the running around of staff and focus more time on caring for the patient.

RFID tracking technology can catch and correct errors, provide feedback on performance, and assist with decision making in the healthcare industry. Correcting those medical deficiencies within healthcare allow for better patient care and safety. Identification of patients and personnel, drug dispense, blood and data verification are greatly benefitted from RFID tracking technology.

Aside from better patient care; tracking, validation, and inventory management serve a great purpose in the healthcare industry that provides improved productivity and a significant increase in savings thanks to the implementation of RFID tracking technology. The validation RFID tracking technology offers can significantly reduce errors and provides the sufficient amount of data and documentation necessary for audits and administrative purposes. One of the most effective ways to ensure quality healthcare is to validate in fact, that the right patient is getting treated with the correct medications and treatments at the right times.

Healthcare is extremely vulnerable to errors and complications. Medication care, if gone wrong can even be fatal. RFID tracking technology is the perfect solution to ensure medical errors are reduced to a minimum and the workload of a nurse becomes highly efficient. RFID tracking technology prevents human error in the healthcare industry, allows staff to be quickly accessed as well as medication and equipment. The quality of care significantly rises through our cost-effective RFID solution and allows the healthcare industry save millions of dollars in losses each year.

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